Primus Premium Lockers

Primus Premium Drying lockers from Wintersteiger are a range of closed drying systems for outer gear, boots and gloves. Within the Premium range are lockers fitted with internally vented helmet holders capable of drying helmets.

Specially designed drying nozzles effectively dry boots and gloves. The Primus Premium locker range is also equipped with removable blow out stainless steel hangers or air hangers.

The perfect drying cabinet for wet cycling clothes. Ideal for workers who have arrived at the office on the bike and want to dry their clothes while working.

Common Features:

  • Uses SpeedDry, a high-quality air circulation fan combined with heated drying air ensures material-friendly and energy-saving kit drying.
  • xControl control unit with colour display and industrial membrane keyboard offers users an easy, intuitive and multi-lingual user interface. The timers can be easily adjusted, and a countdown timer can also be activated. The xControl unit also offers the option of activating a definable drying cycle via an external input (EIB/home automation, etc.).
  • Heated air drying to give faster drying time together with a more comfortable feel.
  • All versions are available with the Sterex disinfection system
  • Constructed from either hot galvanized steel sheet which is then powder coated.
  • Minimum ambient operating temperature 15° Celsius

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