Tantum Gear Dryers

The TANTUM Gear dryer series from Wintersteiger is our superior range of drying solutions for outerwear, jackets, trousers, boots and gloves. Whether you need to dry kit for 2 or 8 people, there is a gear dryer that will suit your requirements within the range. Equipped with Premium stainless steel blow out hangers and specially designed boot and glove nozzles the Tantum gear dryer really does provide the perfect solution for drying gear. The Tantums are open panel dryers which provide very fast blower drying and offer the perfect drying solution for any gear that gets wet.

Common Features:

  • Uses SpeedDry, a high-quality air circulation fan combined with heated drying air ensures material-friendly and energy-saving kit drying.
  • xControl control unit with colour display and industrial membrane keyboard offers users an easy, intuitive and multi-lingual user interface for managing the timing and energy of the system. The timers can be easily adjusted, and a countdown timer can also be activated. The xControl unit also offers the option of activating a definable drying cycle via an external input (EIB/home automation, etc.).
  • Heated air drying to give faster drying time together with a more comfortable feel
  • Constructed from either hot galvanised steel sheet which is then powder coated
  • Optional stand available in case the wall is not strong enough – the dryer must still be fastened to the wall for your safety to prevent it falling over
  • Minimum ambient operating temperature 15° Celsius
  • Optional stainless-steel drip trays available
  • All versions are available with the Sterex disinfection system

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