Tantum Stainless Steel Dryers

Wintersteiger Tantum Stainless Steel Dryers (INOX).

Stainless steel dryers are easy to clean, which is a necessity when considering the food industry sector. Health and hygiene requirements insist on stainless steel appliances. The nature of the finish means there is no risk of any paint chips near to a food preparation area.

Stainless steel is a great choice for domestic use as it provides a modern aesthetic.

The Tantum stainless dryers also have all the following common features:

  •  SpeedDry which is a high-quality air circulation fan combined with heated drying air.
  • xControl control unit with colour display.
  • Heated air drying to give faster drying time.
  • Constructed from 302 (A2/1.4301) stainless steel
  • Dryer must be wall mounted, optional stands are available.
  • Minimum ambient operating temperature 15° Celsius
  • Optional stainless-steel drip trays are available.
  • All versions have the Sterex disinfection system

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  • Tantum Boot 5 Stainless steel dryer with sterex

    Tantum 5 Sterex Inox

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  • Tantum Boot 10 Stainless steel dryer with sterex

    Tantum 10 Sterex Inox

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  • Wintersteiger Var 10 stainless steel Boot and glove dryer

    Tantum Var 10 Sterex Inox

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Showing all 3 results