Anything Technical Ltd

Drytech Services is a division of Anything Technical Limited.  The company was formed in 1998 by Andy Taylor as the distributor of Wintersteiger Sports machinery and ancillary products. Peter Evans has worked as the technical manager since the start of the company and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the products.  The company is responsible for both Sales and Service throughout the UK and Ireland on all of the grinding, sanding and extruding machines.  Since those early days we have expanded our product portfolio into other areas of the ski industry and now have the Drytech range which we sell successfully to other industries.


We took on the Wintersteiger Drytech range in 2013 after identifying a gap in the UK market, and knowing the quality of both workmanship and materials used by the company.  Wintersteiger design all the products in Europe, and have a very close relationship with both their own production plants and the sub-contracting production facilities.


Andy Taylor

Andy is the managing director, responsible for the direction of the company, payment terms and invoicing.

Peter Evans


Peter is the technical manager, responsible for answering any of the technical questions you may have.  He is also responsible for the purchasing of stock and shipping of orders.  If you have any planning or technical queries he is the one to call.

Claire Taylor

Claire is Andy’s wife and is our chief sales contact.  She brings a wealth of sales experience to the company and if you have any sales enquiries please don’t hesitate to give her a call


It is always best to drop us a message  Contact Us

but you can get us on 01539 734701 during office hours