Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions. To support emergency services and medical personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wintersteiger have introduced two versions of the CUBUSAN.

The Cubusan is a highly innovative plasma-air disinfection device that significantly reduces the infection risk from viruses or bacteria in closed rooms, making it a solid investment in your health. The technology is harmless to human health and far more efficient than conventional air filter units! Purchasing an air disinfection device increases your safety and reliably protects the people around you: employees, guests, patients, customers, suppliers, club members, etc. It is finally possible to hold meetings again without an increased risk of infection.

Why is Cubusan more effective than other air purification devices?

Many companies advertise that their products remove 99.99 % of viruses and bacteria. When purchasing an air purification device, you should pay attention to two important features:

  • Permanent real-time protection: How are the germs in the air neutralized if the air purification device is 5 meters away from a person? How long does it take for germs to reach the device and be neutralized?

The Cubusan runs silently in the background neutralizing the germs and viruses as soon as they appear.  The technology used is harmless to humans and animals, so it is safe to work near the Cubusan, unlike ozone generators which give off poisonous gasses.

  • Duration of disinfection in relation to room size (in m³): What duration does the manufacturer specify in order to achieve 99.99 % disinfection? You will be surprised at how much time some devices require to disinfect a very small volume of air.

Turn the Cubusan on 30 minutes before you want to use the room, and just leave it on for real time protection with no effect to people in the room.

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