Primus Set 8 Premium Sterex Drying Locker




The Primus Set 8 Premium Drying Locker is the ideal drying solution for up to 8 sets of wet gear.

The Primus will efficiently dry wet jackets and trousers, wet boots and gloves, whether it be work gear or cycle to work kit.

As more and more workers are making the choice to walk, cycle or run to work these lockers will prove invaluable.

The locker uses specially designed nozzles for the boots, smaller thinner nozzles for the gloves and hangers for the jackets and trousers with unique blow-out stainless steel hangers for the jackets and trousers.

This lockers benefits from the addition of Sterex which kills bacteria and viruses including Covid-19

Sterex uses cold plasma to break harmful substances and gases down into harmless
compounds such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, or water vapour. If ions come into contact with harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria,
or mould, they remove the hydrogen molecules from them. Without hydrogen, the microorganisms lack an energy source and they die.

The room must have a minimum temperature of 15°C for the dryer to work efficiently.


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About this System








208-230V Single Phase



Boot Capacity

8 Pairs

Glove Capacity

8 Pairs

Helmet Capacity


Jacket Capacity

Up To 8

Trouser Capacity

Up To 8

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