Day Lockers

Wintersteiger Day Lockers

Wintersteiger offers a range of day lockers for day to day, secure storage of valuables. Lockers to keep your belongings safe while you are at work, visiting a museum or at college.

The day lockers come in a choice of 2, 3 of 4 lockers per unit, meaning one upright locker can house 2,3 of 4 persons` belongings.

The lockers come in a choice of RAL colours.

Easystore locker systems by WINTERSTEIGER make an impression with state-of-the-art design, maximum flexibility and stability, and maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint. The modular concept behind our storage lockers means we can be extremely flexible with them. As a result, the dimensions and design of your lockers will always be tailored to your requirements exactly.

Thanks to our partnership with Steurer Systems in the field of storage lockers, our range of rental, storage and drying systems has become even more versatile.

We plan storage lockers individually based on your requirements. Taking maximum space utilization, drying and disinfection into account and at the same time catering to your access system needs.

References, ski service depot projects from Wintersteiger


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