Tantum Variable Dryers

Wintersteiger Tantum Variable Dryers

If you need to dry boots, gloves or a combination of both a tantum variable dryer is the solution. Football boots can be dried effectively using lower level nozzles on the Var 10.

The Tantums are open panel dryers but have the advantage of either vertical or horizontal mounting. They provide very fast blower drying and offer the perfect drying solution for hiking boots, ski boots or work boots, in fact any foot wear that gets wet.

The Var 10 is available in Stainless steel.

The Tantum variable dryers have all the following common features:

  • SpeedDry, a high-quality air circulation fan combined with heated drying.
  • xControl control unit with colour display and industrial membrane keyboard.
  • Heated air drying to give faster drying time together with a more comfortable feel
  • Constructed from either hot galvanized steel sheet which is then powder coated.
  • Dryers must be wall mounted.
  • Minimum ambient operating temperature 15° Celsius.
  • Optional stainless-steel drip trays available.
  • All dryers available with Sterex.

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  • 62-011-011-Wintersteiger-Tantum-VAR-4-Vertical-Boots-Gloves-Dryer

    Tantum Var 4 Boot

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  • 62-111-011-Wintersteiger-Tantum-VAR-4-Horizontal-Boots-Gloves-Sterex-Dryer

    Tantum Var 4 Boot Sterex

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  • 62-011-012-Wintersteiger-Tantum-VAR-4-+-4-Vertical-Boots-Gloves-Dryer

    Tantum Var 4 + 4 Boot and Glove

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  • 62-111-012-Wintersteiger-Tantum-VAR-4-+-4-Horizontal-Boots-Gloves-Sterex-Dryer

    Tantum Var 4 + 4 Boot and Glove Sterex

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  • 62-011-013-Wintersteiger-Tantum-VAR-10-Vertical-Boots-Gloves-Dryer

    Tantum Var 10 Boot or Glove

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  • 62-111-013-Wintersteiger-Tantum-VAR-10-Horizontal-Boots-Gloves-Sterex-Dryer

    Tantum Var 10 Boot or Glove Sterex

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  • Tantum Var 12 Glove Compact

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  • Tantum Var 12 Glove Compact Sterex

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