Primus Standard Lockers

Standard Primus Drying lockers from Wintersteiger are a range of closed drying system lockers for outer gear, jackets, trousers, boots and gloves.  Specially designed drying nozzles effectively dry boots and gloves and a bar is fitted inside towards the top of the locker for your own clothes hangers.

The Standard Primus range also features a mask dryer which has 15 internally ventilated mask holders providing an optimum hold and material friendly drying.

Common Features:

  • Uses SpeedDry, a high-quality air circulation fan combined with heated drying air ensures material-friendly and energy-saving kit drying.
  • xControl control unit with colour display and industrial membrane keyboard offers users an easy, intuitive and multi-lingual user interface for managing the timing and energy of the system. The timers can be easily adjusted, and a countdown timer can also be activated. The xControl unit also offers the option of activating a definable drying cycle via an external input (EIB/home automation, etc.).
  • Heated air drying to give faster drying time together with a more comfortable feel
  • Constructed from either hot galvanised steel sheet which is then powder coated or stainless steel (INOX) on some models
  • Minimum ambient operating temperature 15° Celsius
  • All versions are available with the Sterex disinfection system

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