X Control

The X Control programmer is a simple to use system that allow you to have pre-defined programs run at set intervals or to start a program on demand.

The air circulation and heating can be programmed separately.  This is because the air circulation is the main drying function, the heating is more of a comfort function to make the articles feel nice when ready to wear.  It is common to run as air circulation only to begin with and have a final burst of heat at the end to warm the item up, ready for wear.

The system arrives with 2 pre-defined programs, Z1 & Z2, but Z3 to Z10 are for the customer to build their own programs depending on requirements.  Programming is simple via the colour screen with a simple up/down/left/right control with an OK button to confirm choice/start drying.

The X Control has an in-built clock to enable control of program start times

When programming the X Control it is possible to control when programs start by day, hour and minute

The start time is set using on screen using the programming buttons

The display shows the running system , the Heating display shows that heating is off, when active it will show green