Talentum Uni 3 Sterex


Wintersteiger Talentum Uni 3 Boot & Glove Dryer with Sterex

The Talentum Uni 3 Boot & Glove Dryer is the ideal drying solution for your family`s boots and gloves.

Ideal for an active family that like to run, cycle to work or hike.

Also a good way of keeping things neat and tidy, this would be a great addition to a utility room.

Due to its space-saving single-sided design can fit into even the tightest spaces.

This unheated dryer uses ambient air and requires a room temperature of between 15°C and 30°C to operate efficiently.

Dryer shown with optional drip tray.

This Talentum benefits from the addition of Sterex which kills bacteria and viruses including Covid-19

Sterex uses cold plasma to break harmful substances and gases down into harmless
compounds such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, or water vapour. If ions come into contact with harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria,
or mould, they remove the hydrogen molecules from them. Without hydrogen, the microorganisms lack an energy source and they die.

WINTERSTEIGER offers solutions for drying, disinfecting and deodorizing work clothes, gear and all kinds of sports goods. Drying systems make an important contribution to the health and hygiene of employees and guests.

In addition, WINTERSTEIGER systems increase the life span of high quality gear and compared to traditional drying rooms. They offer compelling energy-efficient operation!

Areas in which our systems can be used include the building and food industries, fire departments, local authorities, infrastructure and fishing, ski depots as well as many others. The product line includes drying lockers for work clothes and gear helmet, shoes, masks as well as helmet, glove, boot and shoe dryers.

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208-230V Single Phase



Boot Capacity

3 Pairs

Glove Capacity


Helmet Capacity


Jacket Capacity


Trouser Capacity


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