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The Primus Ozone locker offers a drying solution for 2-4 sets of work gear without boots.   It can also be used for domestic use when a large family has lots to dry.  This drying locker is made from galvanised sheet steel which is powder coated grey, the doors are fitted with a sash lock making contents secure but there is an option to have cylinder locks fitted.

The Primus features two integrated bars for hangers and holders on the inside of the door for 4 pairs of gloves, enabling the locker space to be utilized in the best possible way without shoes.  There is an optional special hanger which helps separate the front of the garment from the back which makes drying more efficient.

The locker features a built in Ozone generator to reduce bacterial and fungal growth for better hygiene and reduced odours.

A choice of energy-efficient drying by ambient air or rapid drying by warm air.  Optimized air circulation and exhaust of moist air.  Deodorising granules can be used to eliminate odours and are situated at the base of the dryer in holders, these granules are available to purchase when initial ones have been used.

Simple operation by a 6-hr timer clock, a 24-hr timer is an option. Drying time dependent on material of garment and usage.

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208-230V Single Phase



Boot Capacity


Glove Capacity

4 Pairs

Helmet Capacity


Jacket Capacity

Up To 4

Trouser Capacity

Up To 4

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