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The Ozonos AC-1 PRO Air Purifier eliminates bacteria, viruses, germs and odours with an innovative patent that makes use of the advantages of ozone. Although ozone is a very powerful oxidizer, it has a very short life. Bacteria, germs or viruses are eliminated by ozone. During this process the ozone is consumed. The natural formation of ozone is copied in this manner.

A UV-C light in combination with oxygen generates ozone without harmful nitrogen oxide residues. This OZONOS room air purifier takes advantage of the benefits of ozone and provides clean, fresh and healthy air.

The device is simple to set up and quickly eliminates bacteria, viruses, yeast and mould spores in the air and on surfaces – in rental rooms, workshops, toilets, living and working spaces.

Features and Usage

  • For quick and intensive room cleaning Ozone concentration: 0.210 ppm, designed for intensive air purification.
  • Mainly used during the night.
  • Room should not be occupied when this is in usey.


The new SARS-COV-19 virus shows great similarities to the SARS virus that occurred in 2002. Ozone was successful against these viruses. Its cleaning and disinfecting effect is undisputed.

However, we would like to point out that the OZONOS products mainly remove viruses from the air and are only suitable for surface cleaning to a limited extent. Make sure to wash and disinfect your hands regularly during the CORONA pandemic.

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About this System


208-230V Single Phase

Air Flow

55 cubic metre per hour

Ozone Concentration

0.210 ppm

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